Academic Program's & Activities

Choice time Activities
Children are free to move to different activity corners and choose to work on an activity of their choice. They could choose to look at a story book, play with blocks, draw or colour, play with dough and fulfill their curiosity in the discovery room.
Focus on individual progress & development
Balanced activities and experiences are planned to enable each child to enjoy learning and better her best.
Hands on learning
Children learn through fun filled activities. The equipment and materials are easy to handle and accessible to the children.
Developing communication skills
Children learn to engage effectively with others by listening and being listened to, articulating thoughts and ideas, widening one’s vocabulary, role-play, pre-reading and pre-writing skills.
developing critical thinking skills
Children develop early numeracy and critical thinking by sequencing, recognizing size, shapes, quantities, contrast, reasoning and other pre-math skills.
Child centered environment
The focus is on the child and the aim is to enable her to develop at her own pace.
Self development activities
Children engage in activities related to developing values and skills that make them responsible and sensitive.
An integrated approach to learning
Learning happens through play by linking concepts with art, music, dance, drama and physical activity. Emphasis is on a balance between indoor and outdoor activities.
Developing Sound values
Children learn to respect and care for the environment and attention to a healthy and active body.
Developing senstivity
Children are encouraged to work compassionately with children of different abilities, cultures and communities.
Each day is planned so as to reflect a balance of individual and group activities, outdoor and indoor activities, active and quiet activities, free and structured / guided activities and activities to foster all aspects of development.
On the whole, our aim at FIRST STEPS, is to blossom a child's personality by making the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment.